The Tone In My Book

Today I am reading Shadow by Michael Morpurgo also he wrote War Horse. I will be writing about the tone in it. I just started the book so I can guest the tone. I would recommenced it if you did like war horse.

The tone in my book is a calm and excited. Matt (main character) is excited because he had a friend from Afghanistan and his name is Aman and he went to jail with his mom because they were from  Afghanistan and they are going to get shipped back and he is going to go see them. and if Matt tries to ask about Afghanistan he wont talk about it.

The way he is calm is he is talking to his grandpa. They are talking about this tree that they planted and it is a cherry tree. the reason why they planted it was that his grandpa love the white blossom.

That’s the tome in my book again it is Shadow by  Michael Morpurgo. I hope you enjoyed the book if you read it. Tell me what you thought on the book. So far it is a good book the book it isn’t a long book. But I defiantly recommend it to anyone who likes war books.

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