Dear Mr. McGuire,

I’m reading a amazing book series by Roland Smith. The series is called I,Q. It is about a mom and a dad getting married. They both are rock stars with kids. But that is beside the point. The kids names are Quest aka Q and Angela. I will talk about how Q and I are similar. It is kinda spy then action it is a good book for all readers.

The very first book I,Q Independence Hall is about Q and Angela getting to know each other. Q was a little nervous to talk But after awhile they became friends. Q Is a like a 12 year old kid. He likes to explore. You can tell no one else is like him because he is a kid that wants to get into something.

The way he acts is like a grown up doesn’t really goof around but sometimes he will. One time in the book there was a serious crash and instead of screaming and messing around he acts like an adult and stays quiet.

Q thinks like a grown up he knows a lot because he sits back and lets stuff happen so he gets information. He also thinks like a grown up to say the right stuff like he doesn’t tell that he has an important chip.

The way he responds is smart if something made him mad then he stays calm like when Boone was showing Q something that made him sad but he doesn’t cry he stays calm.

The way Q feels like is not really emotional. The reason I know that is because he never really cries. In one part of the book he saw a crash an instead of crying he stays calm and says,”Probably just want attention.”

Q and I are kinda similar by he has a stepdad and I have a stepdad, Brian. He probably loves him like I love my stepdad. Another way we are similar is he has a step sister like me. They are friend’s like me and my stepsister, Brooke. When he started to talk he was scared that they weren’t going to be friends same with me I was scared to talk because I didn’t know for sure that she was going to like me.

If I was Q the story wouldn’t be much more different from what it is. Except I would be more emotional and be more childdish in a serious moment like that crash. Also when Boone showed Q something that made him sad I would of cried.

That is my story about my book and that is only book one so if that interested you than the book is in the Salt Creek library. Again it is a spy and action book. Also it is I,Q Independence Hall the first one by Roland Smith. It is a good series to get into and it’s good for everyone. Hope you read this series and tell me how you liked it. I hope you enjoyed my letter and liked it and recommend it to people.


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