What I Think Luke Should Do From Among The Hidden

In my Language Arts class we are reading Among the Hidden by: Margaret Peterson Haddix. I think Luke should tell his mom about the third child in the sports family house and here’s why.

First, the third child is a big thing. So he needs to tell his mom and ask them if they have a third child and if the ask why then tell them. I have seen him looking through blinds I was just wondering if you have one because I didn’t think look older like your two sons. Then they need to become friends. They can talk and play up stairs.

So they can build trust and they don’t have to worry about each other.


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A Letter To Mr.McGuire

Dear Mr.McGuire,

In my free time and Language Arts class I am reading The Darkest Path by Jeff Hirsch. You should totally read this book because it is a really good book and it pulls you in. It describes anything details.

First, the main character is a fifteen-year-old boy named Callum Roe and his brother James. They have been captured by the Glorious Path so was his brother and when they said that I was like,” Oh no! Don’t kill Callum.”

In one part in the book Callum, James, and their dog named, Bear, and the cops are after them and Callum is driving. Callum decides to hit the cop car and he flips the truck and wrecks. And, I was like “Please don’t die.” Then they climb out.

Then Callum leaves James to head Salt Lake City and the¬†Glorious Path catch Callum and Bear. The leader to the Glorious Path name is Wade and has a daughter named Ellie which has Cancer and they figured that out when she was five. Her dad was going to kill Callum and Ellie comes down the stairs and saw Wade trying to kill Callum. When I heard that I was relived that Callum wouldn’t die.

In one of my favorite parts of the book is that Callum saw a chain that had a loop in it. When Wade was leaving he stepped right in it. I was so excited for Callum. When Wade tripped he lost his gun I was like, Aw Yeah Boy!! Even better Callum got the shotgun.

You better go read this book and tell me how you liked.

The Main Character Is Like Me

In my spare time at home and Language Arts class I am reading Taken by Erin Bowman. The main characters name is Gray and he has a lot on his mind about his brother. I think we are similar and different.

Gray and I kinda fell the same way so when I read the back. I thought,” Well.” I was reading and his brother is turning eighteen. They say every boy that turns eighteen goes to the Heist. His brother is about go there and I kinda relate to that feeling. When I was five my parents split. I was sad but the same feeling and a feeling that you won’t see your brother or parent.

Gray has a lot of emotion about his brother. I don’t disrespect that but a girl didn’t believe in the Heist. He got mad and punched the girl in the face then the stomach. I wouldn’t do that but he did. I would of argued instead of fighting. In other words I would of handled it better than he did.

So I hope you liked this and yo should go read this book and do what I did.

Where I Find My Energy

I am writing a paragraph about how I get energy. So I am going to tell you. Hopefully this can help you stay positive.

Here is how I stay happy. I think of the spot I was in 6 years ago when my parents split. When my stepdad, Brian came to my life he helped me to be a good person. That came to effect in Mr. McGuire’s class. My stepdad bought me a Remington 870 for being honest and I was so happy. That makes me happy. These things make me want to do good.

I have good neighbors that treat me really good. I don’t know why. But one day they gave me two bikes. One got stolen about two months ago.They are good people and they take care of me. One day we went to there cabin and shot guns. Which made me so happy.

These things make me have energy and have energy.

Should Drones Be Registered

I think drones should be registered. They are dangerous to us people. They are dangerous to planes. I am going to tell you why.

They can fly around 400 feet and that is around the height of air planes fly and that can cause plane crashes. Which can be deadly to people. they are destroyed and people will sue for their accident. They are a bad thing.

People can get hit by them. People who are wasted will fly. They will sue and  be seriously injured. They will be mad at the person who was wasted and will sue for medical bills.

That is why I think that drones.


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This is my plans for life

This is my plans for life.

I will go through school and I will graduate from high school then go to college. After collage I will get a cabin renting and hire someone to clean it for me and pay them 100 dollars on week days and 125 for weekends. Once I have enough money I will by a nice house I will get a wife and have two kids. After buying a house I will buy a Corvette and a old ford truck. Then I will make savings account for my kids. After that I will help them if they need help on babysitting or for a house.

Those are my plans in life.



Colin Kaepernick

I think Colin Kaepernick has a freedom of speech and the police aren’t doing nothing about it so I think it is all right to do whatever you want. Here’s why it is not illegal to do what he did and he is showing why he is protesting so he can do whatever he want’s. So that is what I think about that.