How Much Time Do You Spend Online

This is what I think about teens having a limited time on the computer. They don’t get educated on a computer and if you think I am always on a computer. You are wrong I hate the internet!

Most of my time I am outside or watching TV. But the internet no, I have no problem with it and I don’t mess with internet. I don’t care if the internet never became a thing. I like the outdoors and if I am looking for hunting stuff that is only time I’m on the internet.

Teens think the internet is fun gut it can hurt you. The internet is the most danger place. Hackers and thief’s are on there and they will ruin your life. Plus they buy stupid stuff. They look at shoes and clothes then they pay lots of money and it comes out of your wallet. For me I think the outdoors is better than the internet. The internet hurts your head and brain cells. The outdoors you learn and it’s peace full.

If I was a parent I would have specific rules on the computer. I will have the rules where you are only allowed to be on their for 30 minutes. I still think that is a lot of time but if they want to be on there then they will use there time wisely.

These are some reasons why teens should have limited amount of time on the computer.


Letter To Libby

Dear Libby,

I think you are in a pickle. But you shouldn’t wait last moment to do your assignment and that does not help. I think you should do your work so later you can be proud. So that is why I am not going to help you.

You should never wait last moment to do anything so that shows me that you’re irresponsible. I don’t help irresponsible kids. You think basketball is more important than grades and you think it is a big deal do that. That shows me that you’re irresponsible about your time management.

You need to show ownership by mowing the grass and cleaning the litter box. And show that you care about your house and appreciation about your stuff.

If you wouldn’t of waited last minute then told your dad the he might of helped you but, you did wait so that is why he won’t help you. Also ask the teacher for extra credit and get that grade up. If you don’t do it then maybe next year you can go to the championship.

In the world not every thing is handed to you so that is what I am teaching you.


What Makes A Good Student

These things are what make a good student gives 100% no matter what happens  they will try there hardest. They have honesty and they are friendly to the teachers and the students. They have organization and thinks positive about other students and teachers.

A good student is open mined and takes in things like what the teacher recommends and they try new things like what other people recommend.

These are things that make a good student and makes the teacher feel proud about how well you did.

About My Book

My book is Where the Red Fern grows by:Wilson Rawls.

My book is about a kid named Billy and he wants coon hounds. He works to get the hounds and he makes them the best coon hounds ever, named Old Dan and Little Ann.

Then some kids come named Rubin and Rainie and bets them 2 dollars to tree a ghost coon. Billy trees the ghost coon and says “Give me my money.” They don’t give him the money then Rubin and Rainie has a coon hound too, and it gets loose and it attacks Old Dan and Little Ann. Rubin doesn’t like that so, he grabs Billy’s axe and Rubin fell.

Then Billy is sad because he decides to stop coon hunting and his grandpa got him a tournament hunt and they go. But something bad happens. Then the red fern grows.

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This is the book