Record Year

I am telling you about this year. This year will be a record year, a golden year and I will come out with success.

I am going to work hard and I will do my homework. By reading 180 minutes to get A’s by the end of the year. In my free time I will read and document it. I will work as hard as I can and ask questions.

Not only I am going to work hard I am going to help people when they need it. I will tell them if something needs to be fixed, and I will not lie.

I will over come hard times and won’t take it out on any one else. I won’t forget to persevere. And show you that I can over come obstacles.

Lastly, I wont be a bully or disrespect school property. I won’t be inappropriate and I don’t want to be a bad influence for the 5th graders because I want them to a good influence for the next year 5th graders and I want that to keep going on and on.

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